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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 28, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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welcome pac back to fox 45 y edition. 5:30 is the time. let's get a check of the chilly forecast. it indeed it is. it's 30 degrees. >> we're coming up on may.
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when are we going to be done with the frost advisories and we can plant. >> april is the transitional. >> but after this weekend, you have. >> there's no rules with weather, you know that. >> i always do, don't leave it open, it's going to be a cold draft this morning. here is what we got at bus stop. 41 degrees with the temperature, clear skies, northwest wind 5-10 miles per hour gusting to give15 this morning. those winds are going to pick up, it got breezy through the morning and in the afternoon. sky hd radar does show that we have clearing skies and that is why we have such cool temperatures this morning. note up in new england and over the northern part of the rockies, that is something we don't have to deal with around here. showers to the south out of our way for the carolinas, we're looking at dry conditions for much of the next several days, before maybe a thunderstorm chance here and there at the end of the week. we will talk more about that later. 58 degrees at noon and
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59 degrees at 6:00 p.m. after topping out at 54 after 3:00 in the afternoon. it will be breezy. we will talk about temperatures warming up through the remainder the week and thunderstorm chances as well. first candace dold has the traffic edge. candace, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, indeed. it's a picture perfect morning on the belt ways. we're checking on the roadways at harford road and favorable conditions, outer loop and inner loop stretch. that's the same scenario from 95 toward 83. right now we're in the green, 11 minutes at 54 miles per hour. now, southbound 95 traveling through baltimore it's going to be an easy drive from the fort mchenry tunnel toward the belt 8 minutes as 55 miles per hour there. and nothing to annoy you on southbound 895 on the harbor tunnel all the way to 95. a 9-minute drive, a calm 53 miles per hour. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. 5:32 on fox 45 early edition. baltimore city councilmembers
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say verizon is treating the city unfairly. they want to know why the internet company isn't rolling out fios here. they have scheduled a public hearing tonight to find some answers. megan gilliland joins us now with more on that. good morning, an. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. where is the fios campaign kicked off recently asking verizon to treat baltimore city the same as the surrounding area. right now baltimore is the only major jurisdiction in maryland that does not have fiber optics. verizon deployed to montgomery county, pg, baltimore, harford can anne arundel and charles county as well as the city along the mid-atlantic seaboard are, but not at baltimore city, which some believe leaves the city at a disadvantage. >> unfortunately we have a long history here in baltimore of this sort of treatment by big corporations whether it's banks, insurance companies, auto insurance, there seems to be this prejudice that exists out there against baltimore.
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>> reporter: verizon recently said it had no plans to expand fios service into any new markets and instead plans to build out the areas where it has existing commitments, but will it build out far enough to reach baltimore city that is the question many hope will be answered at tonight's public hearing. it's scheduled at 5:00 p.m. inside city hall. megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. one man is dead after a shooting in north baltimore. police were called to the 500 block of cha chateau avenue arod 5:00 yesterday afternoon. they found the body of a man who was shot in the back several times. he was pronounced dead at good samaritan. so far no word on a suspect. a plane crashes in eastern kentucky. rescuers had to use atvs to reach the plane in a heavily forested area. investigators say the hawker b trap was headed for mississippi when it went down yesterday afternoon. emergency crews believe two people were on board at the time, although it's not known
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yet if anyone survived. access to the internet is stirring up controversy in harford county. the school board there decided students should be able to view websites about gays and lesbians on school computers. the change in policy was made after the aclu challenged the school saying the internet filters blocking the sites were illegal, but some parents aren't happy with the change and have started a petition and contacted lawmakers to get involved. >> it boggles my mind as to what the curriculum we're keachg ourg our children these kind of subjects, whether it be religious or antireligious subjects what it's bringing them up for. >> when the county found that they had websites blocked they did the right thing, followed the rule of law and unblocked them.
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>> an attorney with the aclu cited the first amendment saying it does not permit the blockage of internet sites of gays and lesbians even school rules. questions recently surfaced about his name being on the deed to a house owned by his sister that was bought with federal aid. an investigation bit city solicitor says there was nothing wrong with young adding his name to that deed. the investigation did reveal that the sister was liable for $12,000 because she didn't live in the home for 10 years as stipulated by the loan. council president young wrote a check to the city housing department for that balance yesterday. they stopped from assaulting a student but now he could be fired. boatwright is a 7 year veteran of the force and works as carver high school. last year he intervened when
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several gang members attacked one of his players. he was reprimanded for not having authorization for a second job. boatwright says he did. >> the chief of he told me i could do it. i didn't do anything wrong. i protected children and i will protect children again. >> boatwright said this is goodwin's second attempt to have him fired and thinks the actions against him are personal. back in 2006, he faced termination for an arrest and tasing of a construction worker. for now he is suspended with pay pending an upcoming hearing. the maryland state board agrees to change the way it will evaluate teachers. under a proposed plan student achievement will make up for 50% of the evaluation. the changes will make the state eligible for $250 million in federal funding. the general assembly recently passed legislation that would require student achievement to
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be a significant factor in those teacher evaluations. the latest sightseeing option for the inner harbor could also be the fastest. high-speed cruises are underway for folks to view the history the city but also to feel the thrill of speed on the open water. joel d smith is live this morning on the pier with the speed dog 3. good morning, joel, where are you? >> reporter: we are right here on the pier. this is actually the vessel that goes out. the vessel that is on the water and everything. you can't miss these things. they have the cool dog on the side and the yellow paint and here we come on right now. captain ship lee is here and you're actually taking them out is that right? >> yes, na is correct. >> reporter: give me some the sites that they will see if they go out with you. >> you will see federal hill, and the fort mchenry, the constellation, canton, fells point, all the great sites of baltimore you're going to be able to see.
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>> reporter: once you get out of the no wake zone, you will get to open it up a little bit. what will you see out there. >> out there you will see the port itself, the container ships coming in. you will see key bridge, fort carroll and all the other great sites you will see around the harbor. >> reporter: as you come out it won't be early when you're doing these, but still a beautiful view of the city. what time are you going to do this and which days? >> we will be running during the week on a limited schedule and come memorial day, 12, 2:00, 4:00 today, and possibly 6:00 today. on the weekends it will be 56 cruises a day and that will be on saturday and sunday. >> reporter: quickly the price. >> the price is mid-week price is $20 for adults, $10 for children and the weekends will be $25 for adults and $15 for children. >> reporter: perfect. you won't let us actually drive it, though, we're not actually allowed for free throttle. >> for today, maybe. >> reporter: we will get out on wear it give you viewpoints
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of what it is like when you get out here. pretty cool and when the sun comes out pretty cool here. >> did i hear that right, did he say maybe for today he will let you drive it. >> reporter: i will repeat that. in case he changes his mind. >> i'm glad i'm in here. we will talk to you in a minute. today is the day when baltimore county residents will learn how well a recycling program is working. councilman smith is expected to go over the single stream recycling. the program went into effect on february first. statistics are expected show that residential recycling participation is up. coming up on the early edition, the code your kids may be using in text messages. oyles, love you like a sister. >> how it affects their school work. and it's a little bit frosty in spots this morning. take a look why, temperatures are in 30s in some locations. 38 in elkton.
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37 in bel air, 39 in
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5:42 now on this wednesday morning. we're looking at a dry scan across the region on our sky watch hd radar as we look to the north, guess what, a little snow up in new york and vermont. i just like showing that to you so we can feel better about our weather down here. take a look to the south, rainshowers moving off the north carolina coast. we don't have to worry as we sit between the two low pressure centers. 42 degrees the pressure at the inner harbor. clear skies, a moon out there this morning. 45% relative humidity, and 35.67 and rising on the barometer. 38 in wilmington, delaware, 38 in oakland and a lot of surrounding areas and subushz by the way in the 30s. a frost rice vi advisory for tht central part of the state across baltimore county as well as carroll county, frederick county, washington county also in the mix and down through howard and montgomery county the advisory through 9:00 a.m. and a freeze warning for allegheny
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county. temperatures are chilly, no doubt about that and it's bringing snow up in new york as you can see with low pressure up in north england still circulating the cool air with the jet stream to the south. we will find that the winds will pick up this afternoon as the high pressure builds in here. as the high pressure builds, the winds will diminish over the next day or 2. on the backside of the high we get warmer temperatures to follow as the warm front pushes through by friday. you know what, how much warmer? i see temperatures in the 80s this weekend and maybe mid-to upper 80s possible. yeah, it's looking a little warmer than even yesterday did. 52 degrees the temperature that we expect to see for the high on the eastern shore certainly not seeing the warm up. mostly clear skies for everybody today. central part of the state getting up to 64 degrees with a 10-20-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 30 out of the west northwest. back to the west we look for high temperatures at sky degrees and even though that -- 60 degrees and even though that is cool we will see plenty of sunshine. at least it will be pretty.
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15-25-mile-an-hour winds, in fact, gusting to 30. tonight 42 degrees the overnight low with clear skies. it will be a pretty night but it's chilly once again. i wouldn't be surprised to see some of those frost watches or frost advisories again. northwest wind at 5-10 miles pr hour. as we look for the rest of the week, 62 degrees for the high and we will get thereby hitting bay at noon and getting to 68 degrees by 2:00 in the afternoon. the winds pick up, 59 degrees at 6:00 p.m. as the temperatures begin to drop off tonight. 70 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow with a lot of sunshine. looking like a real nice thursday, how about friday? mostly clear skies, 75 for the high. i don't think you will mind that too much. 85 degrees for high on saturday and 87 with a chance of some showers and thunderstorms popping up not an all day event but late sunday into monday the best or the most optimal chance for the thunderstorms. 74 tuesday with partly cloudy skies. fox 45 sky watch weather is now
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available at your finger tips. it's right there. iradar is available at all you have to do is to use fox 45's powerful doppler radar is to go to as you saw fox and click on iradar. here is candace dold with the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we don't have any weather related issues to talk about on the roadways and so far so good. as far as the numbers are concerned, right now we're checking in on the jfx as 62 miles per hour there. and 65 miles per hour on the beltway traveling through pikesville. as for what is happening, well, there's a new accident to talk about. it's on the southbound lanes of 295. that is at route 50. not causing any significant delay as of yet, but we check in on 295, farther back, here it is at route 32 and you can see those cars are zipping along there on the southbound lanes and the northbound stretch. and even on 95, it's a relatively calm ride moving through howard county making the
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push all the way up toward that beltway. on the beltway, checking in at frederick road for you this morning. we haven't had any issues to complain about and that continues to be the case with favorable conditions, outer loop lanes and inner loop stretch up toward the purple bridges. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, back over to you. baltimore's best mom in 100 words or less tell us why your mother is baltimore's best mom and she could win a trip courtesy of southwest airlines. just mail your entry to baltimore's best mom 2000 west 41st street, baltimore 21211. you can also enter by logging on to if your entry is chosen, your mom could win the grand prize, a trip for 4 to anywhere where southwest flies,
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with soft, organic cotton... better fits... and lockstitch seams. and because everyone deserves clothes guaranteed for quality, we've rolled back the price. faded glory. one of thousands of rollbacks at walmart. save money. live better. walmart. s. a recent study found that 3 out of every 4 teenagers own a cell phone. the majority instead of talking are texting. the slang being used is this new slang lingo a threat to proper english. we find out if teens can still be true to their words. >> reporter: language is
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important. >> every month i'm up to 2000 text. >> reporter: listen closely. between classes at the college students are talking. at the speed of a text. >> and get it out. >> i'm coming to get you. >> reporter: with key strokes at i minimum texters have learned to say more with less. >> lol, laugh out loud. >> reporter: their words are abree oabbreviated. >> reporter: their thoughts communicated. >> reporter: to outsiders it may seem like a language more foreign than french. >> it's kind of bizarre, i think for people who were really raised on literature. >> reporter: the doctor says it's hardly lol. >> this is not acceptable. do not sook a seek an internet . >> reporter: the slang which is used online is slowly seeping into the way the students speak and the way they write.
5:51 am
>> you can observe and see the same pattern, the lack of sentence structure, the inability to punctuate. >> i do make the mistake of writing you on my papers, just u for this you. >> reporter: at towson high school patricia brown has spent 32 years teaching proper english. >> so we have the use of the glam tick alconcept of the in15 infinitive. >> reporter: brown doesn't condone the use of such language but insists on teaching the students the right place. >> wow, it's like you to be or not to be. it continues to be important to us that we maintain a standard of language. >> get in and get it donors at the college, the doctor is towing the line under the use of slang.
5:52 am
>> i'm just saying use it when it's appropriate. i'm not jury buddy, i'm not your friend, i'm your professor so don't send me e-mails with slang. >> i will inappropriately use these. >> reporter: so its vo vocabulary. >> this new way of speaking will become more and more prevalent until it becomes normal. >> reporter: communication is on a whole new course. jeff able, fox 45btyl. a new survey from the pew internet project found that 2/3 of students had accidentally used in their assignments. coming up on fox 45 morning news. what can maryland voters expect from a race between the governor and the exgovernor. up nex
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get a fertilizer that can't be copied. get the scotts advantage. to kill dandelions, get turf builder with plus 2 weed control. >>good morning, everybody. here is the first look at sports, don't look now, but we have a winning streak on our hands. are for the first time in season the orioles have won two games in a row. it's true. last night they took care of the defending world champions in the first of three series. millwood facing mark deshera.
5:55 am
that's a good start for millwood. the yankees start and low to the bases -- they loaded the bases and he watched. it giv gave the or orioles an e0 lead. that is the 5th of the year and the yankees take it 2-1 lead. but millwood, settled down. top of the 5th it gets a rod swinging to end the inning. 5 and a 3rd for millwood on the night. bottom of the 6th, o's trail 3-1. here comes luke scott. brandi win must throw home, and throws it right into the ground. easily game tied at 2. rookie hughes comes through. next batter, ole les olen rhyme. anand orioles take a 3-2 lead.
5:56 am
birds up 4-2 and they pad the lead as they rip a single into right field. julio lugo scores, the or jolz have a 5 -- orioles have a 5-2 lead. 2 on, 2 out. nick scores and the yankees down-3 after the error by the usually sure handed. rbi single and a rod hits a rocket in the middle and lugo. the orioles earn their first home win of the year. isimon gets his first win. 5 hits and 5 and a 3rd innings. tourists and 3rbi. same 2 teams for tonight. jeromy guthrie for the o's first
5:57 am
pitch at 7:45. we will get a look at orioles when they hold their first mini camp. it was a pr triumphant per performance even by the ravens standard. they signed two undrafted cookies they didn't spend the draft pick. ladare yourlardarius web cominge injury. >> you have to get out to the passer and sergio can do that and we think arthur jones can do that, also. we know what terrance can do. we feel good about it, because if you can hit the quarterback and you hit him enough times, then you know, you don't have to to be good in the second inning. that's the morning sports, fox 45 morning news. coming up in our 6:00 hour, facebook sharing your personal information with 3rd party sites. how several u.s. lawmakers are
5:58 am
trying to control the practice. and verizon wireless leaves baltimore off of its fios map. i'm megan gil gilliland how city councilmembers are fighting for high-speed internet. i'm joel d smith
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